Story about stork

Storchenbeck, the brand name comes from a wide-spread story about stork in Europe.
Storchenbeck is also the English name of the stork. The "stork" is also called as "bird that brings children to children". According to legend, the unborn human soul lives in springs, ponds, swamps and other waters. Storks will find their baby yet to be born, and put it in the basket and hold it between the lips, then send it to a quasi-mother who is looking forward to the birth of new life.

In the legend in many European countries, the stork is also considered a good symbol of luck. They send blessings and children to the family and also fight in the journey for the baby to protect children from harm. This story spread throughout Europe in the 19th century until it spread to South America. It has been widely praised in many countries around the world.